Hida Meals

There is an abundance of nourishing and tasty food in Hida-Kanayama. Here is an example of a Hida meal. Most of the food is produced locally, from mountain vegetables to mushrooms (hijiri in photo), hoba miso (small dish on the right), soba noodles (lower right corner), to the tender Hida gyu beef. Ice cream is also delicious here, made with the cream from Hida cows.

Shown below is the famous Hida sushi. It is wrapped in the hoba leaf, and it is convenient for picnics and for traveling. The dried hoba leaf is used for broiling food (not visible on the burner on the upper right of the above photo). The leaf will not burn while there is still food (or hoba miso) on it. The hoba (magnolia) tree grows at the Kanayama Megalith site.

Come to Kanayama and enjoy the foods of nature!