The Mystery of the Spotlight

Iwaya Rockbat’s news item: On June 28, 2015 in Gifu, Japan, an article about Kanayama Megaliths and investigator Ms Shiho Tokuda appeared in the Gifu Shimbun newspaper, in a series on Women of Gifu. The article was entitled, “Approaching the Mystery of the Spotlight” and was written by reporter Koichiro Noguchi.

“Kanayama Megaliths reveal fact, truth and essence about ancient Jomon people and their relationship with the sun,” said Ms Tokuda. She has been investigating at Kanayama Megaliths since 1998. Research still continues. In February 2015, the researchers determined a 128-year cycle of the solar calendar, which makes the Kanayama calendar one of the most accurate in the world.

Ms Tokuda’s message is that Kanayama Megaliths is a place where modern people can realize that “true human happiness is based on harmonious relationships.”