Norikuradake 乗鞍岳 in Hida Mountains

The Hida Mountains (飛騨山脈 Hida Sanmyaku, Hida mounain range), or Northern Alps, extend through Nagano, Gifu, Toyama, and partially into Niigata  prefectures. Its length is 105km or 65 miles.

Norikuradake (乗鞍岳), or Mt. Norikura, plays a chief role in the story of Hida, as we have seen in the previous posts. Norikuradake at the southern part of the Hida Mountains is the third tallest volcano in Japan. Norikuradake’s name means “riding saddle” because of its shape.

The above photo from a postcard is a view to the east from Takayama. It shows the Hida Mountains, with northern part on top and Norikuradake, the southern part, on the bottom. The peaks and a plateau are labelled as follows. Take (dake in compounds) means peak; mine also means peak; taira means plateau. The coordinates are approximately 36 N 137 E.

Hida Mountains, top left to right (north to south):

双六岳 Sugoroku-dake (Sugoroku-game peak) 2860m
笠ヶ岳 Kasaga-take (Umbrella peak) 2898m
槍ヶ岳 Yariga-take (Spear peak) 3180m
大喰岳 O-bami-dake (Devour peak) 3101m
中岳 Naka-dake (Middle peak) 3084m
南岳 Minami-dake (south peak) 3033m
北穂高岳 Kita-Hotaka-dake  3106m
涸沢岳 Karesawa-dake (Dry valley peak) 3110m
奥穂高岳 Oku-Hotaka-dake 3190m
前穂高岳 Mae-Hotaka-dake  3090m

Norikuradake(乗鞍岳)is seen on the bottom half of the postcard. Its tallest peak is Kenga-mine. The labels are, left to right:

畳平 Tatami-daira 2700m
剣ヶ峰 Kenga-mine (Sword peak) 3026m
大日岳 Dainichi-dake (Dainichi is Buddhist deity)   3014m

This list of names, in Romaji and English, was graciously provided by Hitoshi Uchiyama.



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