Okuhida Daiginjo: Sake Cake and Hatsumidori


We have become fans of the Okuhida Sake Brewery. Our first post was in May of this year,  https://iwakage.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/okuhida-sake-brewery/. At our soba party, we had the Okuhida Tokubetsu (Special) Junmai 特別純米. The Tokubetsu Junmai classification is listed here at the Okuhida website,  http://okuhida.co.jp/?pid=50623748.tokubetsujunmai

According to Japansake,  http://www.japansake.or.jp/sake/english/sake-basics/type.html

Junmai, Tokubetsu junmai (純米・特別純米)

Junmai-shu and tokubetsu junmai-shu are made only from rice, koji and water, highlighting the flavor of the rice and koji more than other varieties. There are no requirements regarding polishing ratio. Junmai-shu is typically high in acidity and umami, with relatively little sweetness.

In October, we returned to see what’s new there. We found three products to call to your attention. Here are two of them.

Daiginjo Cake (shown above)

This delicate and delicious castella cake is made by Okuhida Brewery using one of their special daiginjo. You can see sake listed sixth among the ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour, margarine, shortening, sake, …

You haven’t really had castella until you’ve had this extra light, delicately fragrant, pound cake from Okuhida!


Daiginjo is explained here by Japansake, 

Daiginjo (大吟醸)

Daiginjo-shu is a form of ginjo-shu made with even more highly polished rice from which at least 50% of the outer layer of the grain has been removed. It has an even more refined taste and stronger ginjo-ka than ginjo-shu. 

Hatsumidori Tobingakoi Daiginjo「初緑 斗瓶囲い大吟醸」 (black label)

We sampled this wonderful daiginjo in the tasting room and were very impressed with the quhatsumidoriality. It is truly an excellent sake, and very handsome in its black bottle. The Hatsumidori Tobingakoi is made of Hyogo Prefecture premium sake brewing rice “Nishiki Yamada” 100%, with polishing ratio 35%.  http://okuhida.co.jp/?pid=52296747

With a gentle and elegant scent, good refreshing taste, and crisp yet moderately full-bodied, it is to be enjoyed chilled.

The name, “Hatsu-midori” 初緑 translates directly into “First-green.” It’s an appropriate name for the first sake of the new sake year beginning in October and launching in early spring. It reminds us of spring, with freshness and clarity.

We are saving this bottle for New Year’s Day. The best way to start a new year is with Okuhida sake!

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