Okuhida Vodka

okuhida-vodkaDid you know that you can make vodka from rice? In fact, rice makes a terrific vodka! When done the right way, of course. The right way meaning premium rice and pure water. Okuhida knows the right way.

The German website Drink says:  “The Okuhida Vodka is a Japanese vodka made by Takagi Shuzo. This vodka can look back on 40 years of history.”

From the Tasting Table, commenting on Suntory’s 2014 entry into the rice vodka business:  “Perhaps you’re wondering: How is this [making vodka] any different than sake? The key lies in the process: Vodka is distilled, whereas sake is simply brewed. Really, the only similarity is the addition of koji (rice inoculated with mold spores) and yeast to jump-start the fermentation process.” https://www.tastingtable.com/drinks/national/Suntorys-New-Japanese-Rice-Vodka

Okuhida vodka

This excellent vodka is made from premium rice, and it is quite rare in the world. The Okuhida method for super smoothness is based on the pure Hida spring water, triple distillation, and six years of aging. Finally, it is triply-filtered through しらかば  shirakaba Japanese white birch charcoal. This results in a truly captivating charm. Alcohol 55 percent.



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