Beginning of Early Winter at Higashinoyama


The Japanese Kanayama Megaliths blogsite has just made two new posts about the beginning of the winter season (Early Winter in the Kanayama Solar Calendar is the approximate sixty-day period prior to the winter solstice). Here is an excerpt from the post dated 2016.12.04, with permission. The original post in Japanese is:


金山巨石群 冬期の始まり   Beginning of Early Winter at Kanayama Megaliths

In the Kanayama Megaliths solar calendar, wintertime begins on about 10/23. This is similar to the calendar of ancient Egypt.

朝の観測 Morning observation

For the first observation of the Early Winter season we went mountain climbing to Higashinoyama (Higashi-no-yama, Eastern Mountain) megalith group. This year at 8:30, a total of five people departed from Iwaya-Iwakage site. Here are some photos taken when we reached the peak.

When reaching the top ridge, a little down the slope on the south side, two megaliths of 9 meters long appear side by side. This is the Higashinoyama megalithic group. The R stone that observes the morning sun of the winter solstice 12/22 is visible in the center of the photo above. The S stone can barely be seen in the left rear. Below is a photo of observation at S stone.


This is the day 10/22 for the observation at S stone. We observe from the bottom of the stone wall, as shown above. Shown below is a third megalith which is under stone S. 


The sunbeam appears on that line today, 60 days before the winter solstice. It is seen only within 10 minutes from around 9:45. After that the sunbeam will not reach here until February 20 next year because the sun altitude goes down day by day until the winter solstice. In other words, when light comes out again here, it will tell the end of about 120 days of winter, and we will know that the arrival of spring will come after 30 more days.


This day was the best observation day. Creating a calendar with a combination of giant stones and sun tells us that there was a universal idea in ancient times. This is beyond the imagination of modern people.



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