Early December at Kanayama Megaliths


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金山巨石群 12月初め  Kanayama Megaliths Early December

12月 2日(金)   December 2 (Friday)

Fine weather today. Visitors in the morning and afternoon.


The 10 o’clock tour is recommended when visiting Kanayama Megaliths in winter because the morning sun emerges from the mountain around 10 am. The cooling of the previous night still continues into the morning.


From the lower megalith site (Iwaya-Iwakage and Senkoku-Ishi) we can see the sun  shining on Higashinoyama Eastern Mountain at around 9:15 in the morning.


Here at the lower megalith site, it is still cold. However light is beginning to hit the mountain in the back of the lower site.

On this day there were four people in the group from 9:50 to 12:30. Winter showtime at Iwaya-Iwakage: about 10 o’clock, the morning sun gradually enters inside. A movie would allow you to visualize the impression. A mysterious feeling seems to drift in the air like when you’re in a snow scene.

昼 Noon 


This is a picture taken at 11 o’clock in the morning on 29 November. The winter sun rising from the mountain is in a low position.   

In winter, sunlight from the south streams in so as to fill the center of Iwaya-Iwakage chamber. Because the light is lower than the sloping face of 40 degrees of the F stone, you can see from these two photos that the light is striking the face. Winter light shines into Iwaya-Iwakage.

夕  Evening

 December 2 (Friday) evening, one French visitor, Kobayashi and Tokuda guiding.

6-5fb8974aThe French visitor asked to buy three copies of the Kanayama Megaliths Solar Observation Guidebook so as to introduce the megaliths widely in France. He exclaimed that the Kanayama Megalith group is “rare and unique in the world.” Immediately after he got off the Kanayama station and we met, we entered the theme of the subject and discussed the issue even before having coffee at the “Minoya” shop in front of the station. We headed for Kanayama Megaliths in an excited state. He said that the scale is bigger than he had expected. It is awesome, awesome! And he started to develop his own theory.

France is famous for the Carnac standing stones, and he asked if the Kanayama Megaliths hold the same view as Carnac that connects with the ancient Egyptian ruins. An archaeological astronomical view that used to be seen as a blind spot is becoming a subject to study in France as well. 






The climax of winter light is at 4 o’clock in the evening. The sun just before sinking into the mountain will show itself between megaliths. It’s been a fine day all day.

December 2nd is already well into the season that it can be regarded as having almost the same light as the winter solstice. 

Even though the cold of the season will increase, the power of this winter light to human beings is immeasurable. This light can be freely experienced until around February 20th. 


This year, the plan is to climb Higashinoyama for the winter solstice observation on December 21 (Wednesday). Please meet at the Iwaya-Iwakage megaliths at 7:30 in the morning. Please make a reservation to confirm the number of people accompanying you.

The winter solstice observation meeting lasts three days from 21st to 23rd. It takes place around 10:00 am until around 4:30 pm. Please use the Kanayama Megaliths Guidebook  http://wp.me/p6j8iM-8n.



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