Green 杉玉 sugi-tama



Have you ever seen a fresh, green sugi-tama newly raised outside a sake brewery?  If you visit the blogsite of Okuhida Sake Brewery,, you will see this photo. Better yet, go to Hida Kanayama and visit the Okuhida Brewery.

杉玉 sugi-tama is a 玉 tama, ball made of 杉sugi, Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria japonica). It is a sign that new sake has been created. The 杉玉 was raised at 10 am on December 2 with a sake-tasting event. Congratulations for another good year of premium sake!

Our previous posts about Okuhida Sake include:

Since many of us have never seen the sugi which rarely grows outside of Japan, here is a photo taken in Iwaya Valley near the  Kanayama Megaliths.





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