March Equinox 2017 – 5. March 20

In this last of the five spring equinox posts, we show you Sugisaka-san’s time-lapse photos on the day of spring equinox, March 20. We begin at 9:24 and show photos every 3 minutes, until time 9:48, while the last three photos were shot at 9:52, 9:54, and 9:57.

Following the sequence of twelve photos, we take a closer look at the oval spotlights at times 9:35 and 9:36. This is when the shape of the spotlight best matches the shape of the stone tool. And this conclusion matches with the photo at the bottom taken by Chika-san at 9:35:30.

Sugisaka March 20Ovals 320Chika 0320 93530