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Hida Koku Part 4. Mountains and Shrines

Sacred mountains and special shrines in Hida indicate that they have been arranged in a meaningful geometrical pattern. The mountains are sites of entombments and iwakura kami seats. Some are said to be pyramid mountains, deliberately shaped by humans. From  http://www.geocities.jp/mb1527/N3-01-1hidakoku.html.


船山   Funayama

Funayama is called 久々野山 Kugunoyama, a mountain of height 1479m. It is also referred to as Hida Fuji. It towers on the opposite side of あららぎ湖 Araragi Lake and Kuraiyama. Although the ancient 天之浮船(あめのうきふね)Amenoukifune floating boat reportedly came down on Funayama, there is also a legend that says that Noah’s Ark arrived here. The name of the Ararat mountain of Noah’s Ark is similar to the name of the Araraki Lake. The summit has a Funayama shrine, revering the kami of rain. There is a Hachiman Shrine at the foot of Funayama enshrining 久々能智神 Kugunochi-kami. Takenouchi document has recorded the kami 天忍穂耳命 Ame-oshihomimi-no-mikoto as being entombed here. There are many megalithic groups. Petrographs have been discovered on boulders in the vicinity of the summit.


Norikuradake is a mountain, part of the Hida Mountains (Northern Alps), altitude 3,026m at the main peak. In ancient times it was referred to as Awayama, millet mountain. The name Norikura reportedly comes from 祈り座, inori (prayer) kura (seat). The Norikura Hongu shrine (Norikura Motomiya, 鞍ヶ嶺神社 Kurakemine Jinja) is at the summit on the Hida side, and 朝日権現社 Asahi Gongen Sha on Shinano side, are built back-to-back.

日輪神社   Nichirin Jinja

The mountain itself is the object of worship. The enshrined kami is Amaterasu Omikami, the kami of the sun. This is the only Nichirin (Sun) shrine in all of Japan. The age of its founding is unknown. The Nichirin shrine is erected on an ancient pyramid in the center of Hida, from which the energy flows out to the surrounding area. A hill at the back of the shrine is also an artificial pyramid, it is thought. Boulders are grouped radially around the sun shrine, and pyramids are distributed; 16 pyramid mountains around Norikuradake are said to represent the sun shining. The shintai stone, the Taiyou sun stone is at the peak. The ancient pyramids — with stacked boulders, mirror boulder facing east, and offerings at the altar stone — reflected the light of the sun in a huge ritual facility, according to 日来神堂 Hiraimido [Pyramid theory of Sakai Katsutoki  (酒井勝軍)].

Sixteen mountains that can be considered pyramids are distributed around Nichirin Jinja. They are

位山 Kuraiyama、舟山 Funayama、洞山 Horayama、日ノ観岳 Hinokangaku、

拝殿山 Haidenyama、立岩 Tateiwa、御岳 Ontake、乗鞍 Norikura、

槍ヶ岳 Yarigatake、立山 Tateyama、天蓋山 Tengaisan、須代山 Sushiro-yama、

見量山 Mihakariyama、高屋山 Takayasan、金鞍山 Kanakurayama、松倉山 Matsukurasan(飛騨の里 Hida-no-Sato).

御皇城山 Omijinyama

呉羽山 Kurehayama is in Toyama city; it is also called 呉羽丘陵(くれはきゅうりょう)Kurehakyuuryuu, Kureha Hill. It is a hill in the Toyama Plain. Kureha is the name of the mountain of height 80m. In ancient times, there was a Koso Kotai Jingu imperial shrine called 御皇城山 Omijinyama. Literature transmitted to this Koso Kotai Jingu is the Takenouchi document. [http://www.kousokoutaijingu.or.jp/sub8.html] 

[History according to Takenouchi document not translated here. See Part 5.]

尖山  Togariyama

尖 (とがり)山 Togariyama is a triangular-shaped mountain of height 559m in Toyama Prefecture, Nakaniikawa District. Looking at the surrounding mountains toward Tateyama, you can see the strange apex of Togariyama. [There is a mysterious legend about Togariyama.] This mountain is said to be a pyramid. There is an iwakura at the summit that is shaped like a stone circle; it is said that there is a magnetic anomaly. Artifacts from the Bronze Age that seem to have been used in ritual have been excavated from the summit.

This location is referred to as a sacred place from ancient times; one can draw a large triangle around it. It is said that there is a high possibility that this mountain was built according to a plan.

Togariyama and Kuraiyama seem to be connected by a pyramid network. In the Takenouchi document, ヒラミツトhiramitto (pyramids) are where shrines were built. [Theory of Hiroshi Yamaguchi is presented, details omitted here. The three-sided triangle shape may have a power to radiate energy, and 瞬間移動 teleportation phenomenon might have been possible with Kuraiyama. ]